Learn the Keys to Success with The Guaranteed Elite Investor Program

By Jenn LoConte
On February 28th, DLP Direct Lending Partners held an educational investor event at our Bethlehem, PA office. This free event, broadcasted live online, showcased our revolutionary new education and coaching system, The Guaranteed Elite Investor Program.
This month, our focus was “Building your Business,” specifically, committing to mastering a business; being great at it; or finding a partner or vendor to do it for you. Real estate expert Don Wenner, Founder and CEO of the DLP family of companies, stated, “If you want to build wealth, you need to build a business. Unless you already have wealth, you’ll need to grow an elite business and become a great operator to build your wealth. And, you’ll need to outwork, outlearn, and outsmart your competition.”
Additionally, we welcomed our guest speaker Oren Segev, a highly successful entrepreneur who is well-known in the investment, real estate, and business world, to share his keys to success when it comes to building prosperous companies.
By joining the Guaranteed Elite Investor Program, you’ll have access to guaranteed elite training, a training portal, and live training and webinars like this one, offering helpful Q & A sessions. You’ll learn how to build real estate wealth, live fully with personal development training, and participate in our “twenty-mile march” business growth training. As a member, you’ll also have access to the necessary tools and resources to assist you along the way, all provided by our experts at DLP.
DLP will continue the conversation next month with a new topic discussion on how to build real wealth through real estate. We hope you’ll take advantage of these free events. For more information on how to join the DLP Guaranteed Elite Investor Program, contact us at (610)232-7540 or email [email protected]