How to Raise Capital to Fund Your Deals

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At DLP Direct Lending Partners, we have raised over half a billion dollars to fund our real estate deals. In our webinar, Don Wenner, CEO, will detail how we effectively raise capital and how you can do the same to grow your real estate business.
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Our webinar covers:

  • The different options for raising capital to fund your deals
  • How we raise capital
  • How you can raise your own capital

Notable Moments from the Webinar

  • 2:07 – Breaking capital into 3 sections: debt, preferred equity, and common equity
  • 4:00 – Debt with single family properties
  • 7:15 – Debt with B & C class multi-family properties
  • 8:50 – Raising preferred equity
  • 9:52 – Find an “institutional” investor who will invest 50-90% of equity
  • 11:00 – How DLP provides equity to strong (multi-family) operators and deals
  • 13:38 – How to structure raising capital: Options- Syndicate deals or raise a fund
  • 14:25 – How to find investors- Business development or marketing
  • 16:07 – Common pitfalls when raising equity-operators often feel that they can’t negotiate the best deals because they aren’t sure if they can raise money
  • 17:13 – Creating a fund is a way to minimize some of these pitfalls
  • 19:33 – If  you are serious about scaling your real estate business, do not allow your investors to lose money
  • 21:58 – How to get started- Step 1: Build a track record of success and documenting
  • 23:58 – How to get started- Step 2: Look professional
  • 23: 56 – How to get started- Step 3: Determine syndicating deals vs opening a fund
  • 26:17 – Creating a private fund is beneficial because you control the capital
  • 27:24 – Typical process to create a fund. Step 1: Hire a law firm. Step 2: Figure out all the business terms. Step 3: Market and sell the fund
  • 32:55 – Investor servicing: Make sure you dial in accounting, pay your investors on time, and provide great communication and transparency
  • 33:43 – To review how we can help finance your investment deals, visit

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