He Toured with The Rolling Stones, Now Hans is a Real Estate Professional

Meet Hans Gildein

Director of Inspections and Joint Ventures

Direct Lending Partners

Signature Phrase:

“Git ‘er done!”

Role at Direct Lending Partners

Hans began his career in the industry as a real estate agent, and has been with DLP since its start in 2009. With his initial goal of eventually flipping homes, he didn’t hesitate when presented with the opportunity to oversee DLP’s entire home-flipping operation. Hans did that for a few years and then got into the lending aspect of home flipping. His role consists of working with investors as they go through the process of renovating properties. As the investors are renovating the homes, Hans sends out inspectors to confirm the work being done, and releases the money to the investors so they can pay for the work. He says the most meaningful part about his job is seeing the investors do a good job.
Get to Know Hans
Hans didn’t always work in the real estate industry. Before getting his real estate license, he was actually a chef. Hans graduated from “The Restaurant School” and was a chef for 15 years. One day, he realized he truly wanted to pursue a career that allowed for personal growth; which led him to break into the world real estate.
Hans currently resides in Coopersburg, PA with his wife and two children. During his free time, he enjoys doing handyman work around his home. Right before winter of 2017, Hans fixed up the family room in his home and even made a fireplace mantel. He can be described as a “go getter,” always finishing what he starts and always looking for the solution to any problem.
5 Fun Facts

  1. In 1989, he toured with The Rolling Stones through the East Coast as a cook for their crew
  2. Used to ride Quarter Horses
  3. Was the owner of about 28 dogs in total over the course of his childhood
  4. When he was a senior in high school, he got a mohawk while he was at a diving camp
  5. Is a Doctor Who fan