Employee Spotlight: Meet Rob Beeman

Funding Specialist

DLP Direct Lending Partners

Signature Phrase:

“He is calculator man”

Role at DLP Direct Lending Partners
As one could tell by his signature phrase, Rob is a financial expert. He is responsible for real estate loan originations at DLP Direct Lending Partners. Rob says he finds meaning in “connecting the dots for investors seeking success.” He was motivated to become a Funding Specialist by the potential he had to help fellow real estate investors gain the missing piece to the success of their business. Rob’s ability to listen to the needs of clients and potential clients makes him an exceptional Funding Specialist.
Get to Know Rob
Rob is a seasoned real estate investor, entrepreneur and business development expert. He says poverty-associated roots have inspired his desire for success. He spends his free time with his loving wife, practicing his beliefs, and being involved in sports. Rob says that succeeding in business at an early age (when almost everyone, including his close family, was telling him that he would fail) has been one of his greatest professional accomplishments. He adds, “Turns out that I ended up employing some of those that said I would fail”
If he could travel into the past, Rob says he would go to the Wild West. “I was a cowboy in another life- maybe Billy the Kid,” Rob says jokingly.