DLP Launches Company-Wide Rebranding Effort

By Jenn LoConte
As the Dream Live Prosper (DLP) family of companies continues to grow in both size and success, we have recently launched a company-wide rebrand, complete with cohesive company titles and color coordinated logos to reflect our purpose and mission.
Don Wenner, CEO, commented, “I am very excited about DLP’s rebrand launch. The family of Dream Live Prosper companies have always operated as a very integrated and purposeful team and we are thrilled to offer branding that is as equally cohesive and integrated.”
The DLP companies will now be titled: DLP Realty, DLP Capital Partners (formerly DLP Capital Advisors) , Direct Lending Partners (formerly Direct Lending Partner), DLP Builders, DLP Property Management, and DLP Interactive Media. Additionally, DLP has officially launched two new brands: DLP Real Estate Partners, focused on partnerships primarily within multi-family and single family real estate between passive and active investors, and DLP Partners, our new brand focused on strategic partnerships.
“The goal of the rebrand is for both current and prospective clients to know that our rooftop chimney logos overtop DLP stand for dream, live, and prosper as well as guaranteed results,” Don continues. “We have determined that leveraging the vertically integrated companies as strategic partners is a significant part of our future. We are partnering with institutional  investors, real estate entrepreneurs, private lenders, and high growth companies and CEO’s.”
Team Member Comments
Meg Dubbs, DLP Interactive Media’s Creative Design Manager, overhauled all of the company logos, designing the new and refreshed looks to reflect each company’s vision. “The rebrand positioned us as partners rather than separate service providers,” comments Meg. “It emulates a better understanding of how we all work together to create a more holistic understanding of DLP.”
Meg researched competitors and their market while simultaneously using her experience as a designer to choose correct color option relating to each company. She continues, “Rebranding isn’t just visual, it’s also the voice of your company and includes both internal and external feelings that people experience.”
“DLP Capital Partners and Direct Lending Partners specifically work hand-in-hand in order to facilitate competitive offers on our loans, allowing flexibility to control decision making on writing good loans,” comments Nate Trunfio, VP of Sales at Direct Lending Partners. “The rebranding is extremely important because it shows our consistency and teamwork that we rely on between all of our companies. Most importantly, it shows how we are vertically integrated from one company to the next.”
Brion Yarnell, VP of Business Development at DLP Interactive Media comments, “The point of the rebrand is to publicly state what we already know to be true.  All of our companies are interwoven in their purpose and how they do business. Our talented staff in DLP Interactive Media worked hard to put together a brand that effectively communicates to our clients the DLP message that we are indeed a family of companies that provides innovative real estate solutions dependant on clients needs.”