DLP Announces Senior Vice President of Business Development

By Katherine Santiago
Dream Live Prosper is pleased to name Kevin Earnest, as Senior Vice President of Business Development and as the newest member of the executive team.
Prior to his current role, Kevin was the Vice President of Lending and Investments at Direct Lending Partners. As the Senior Vice President of Business Development, Kevin’s role will be to drive business amongst the DLP family of companies; predominantly DLP Direct Lending Partners, DLP Capital Partners, DLP Realty, and DLP Property Management. His agenda will include finding new ways to be more efficient in conducting business, as well as creating new relationships and partnerships to for the development of the companies.
“I am very excited about this new position and helping grow the overall business. I am in my third year now and feel like I have a pretty good grasp of what needs to be done to increase our revenue. My background lends itself nicely to most facets of DLP. There is always a great team spirit here and I hope to work together with everyone to accomplish more each year,” says Kevin.
Kevin earned his BBA in Business Administration and Management from the University of Central Florida, and an MBA in Business and Finance from the University of Maine. He possesses over 20 years of experience in real estate and has a strong track record, having raised over $100 million in capital investments. Kevin has a vast array of experience, including: being a licensed General Contractor, a Real Estate Broker (he’s even lead a realty team), and has managed a bank.
Nathan Trunfio, President of Direct Lending Partners, says that Kevin has been an instrumental part in growing the company and has been the top producer for the company.
“I hope to make a noticeable change in almost every department. I will always have Lending as my primary focus as it is a fast-growing area for us, but I hope the other divisions see a boost in our numbers this year too. I have many ideas of how to accomplish our goals,” comments Kevin.