Case Study: Fix & Flip in Duluth, GA


A top tier DLP Lending Line of Credit borrower was seeking $145k to purchase and renovate a ranch-style single-family home in the Atlanta suburb of Duluth, GA. The renovations not only enhanced the much needed curb appeal but also freshened up the interior, fenced in porch and in-ground pool. The significant upgrades allowed the seller to purchase, renovate and sell within 10 months.

The Property

  • Located in Duluth, GA
  • 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms
  • 1321 sq. ft.

The Loan

  • Loan Type: Fix & Flip
  • Loan Amount: $144,900
  • LTV: 61%
  • Interest Rate: 10%
  • Length of Loan: 10 months
  • Purchase to Sell Length: 10 months
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